IIS + Local DNS in Windows Server 2012


I believe it is called Windows Server 2012 now. When this “how-to” was created, this OS was still in beta form and being called Windows Server 8(The version number if i’m not mistaken.) This video shows the basic changes to IIS and local DNS when configuring new websites in MS Server 2012. The principal is the same in many other MS Server OS’s. In fact, it is almost identical to the process in MS Server 2008 R2. As an administrator and SE, it feels like MS put a new can of paint on Server 2008 R2 and called it Server 2012. Though, i’m sure more has been done in the back-end. Right? Has to be more in the back-end….

To Be Continued

P.S. Thanks to @Onlinebs for letting me play in his sandbox.

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