Notepad++ as your IDE

My first IDE was MS Notepad. It was rough… no syntax highlighting, no in-app source access, etc. I will never forget the day my friend Bobby told me about Notepad++. It changed my life. Made it much easier for me to see my mistakes and correct them before I debugged running code. I will never forget the day I discovered NppFTP plugin for Notepad++. It changed my life again! Here is this amazing plugin that really allows me to develop && deploy code through Notepad++!

I want to share this plugin on my blog because it is amazing to me how many people who use Notepad++ are unaware of it’s existence. I am currently a senior CS student at Southeastern Louisiana University and we have a CS majors computer lab. It is a great resource where upper and underclassmen can interact. Anyways, while doing my homework and helping out fellow classmates this past week, I mentioned this amazing plugin and every response was “Woah! Why didn’t someone tell me about this earlier!”

Here is a great guide to start using NppFTP to develop and rapidly deploy code

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