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Notepad++ as your IDE

My first IDE was MS Notepad. It was rough... no syntax highlighting, no in-app source access, etc. I will never forget the day my friend Bobby told me about Notepad++. It changed my life. Made it much easier for me to see my mistakes and correct them before I debugged running code. I will never forget the day I discovered NppFTP plugin for Notepad++. It changed my life again! Here is this amazing plugin that really allows me to develop && deploy code through Notepad++!

I want to share this plugin on my blog because it is amazing to me...
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Navigating *nix

I remember my first time using *nix (*nix refers to UNIX or LINUX. LINUX is a clone of UNIX.) It was a UNIX machine and I was guessing. I would imagine many newbies are guessing. But that’s how you learn… By guessing and researching and trying to figure things out.

I’ll never forget seeing someone type the pipe symbol, | . I was like, “How did you do that and what does it do?!” For those who need to know, the pipe symbol is located above the enter key on most keyboard and it used to join commands in *nix to make magic happen.

Anyways, if you are new to *nix, I would suggest looking around and try to make things work, break them and then fix them. This is the best way to learn IMO.

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When the Thunder Rolls…

Last week we encountered some rough weather in the South. Though our datacenter was protected by battery backups (UPS systems), we did not expect surge through the Ethernet lines…

Lesson learned.

Our Firewall was toast…kaput…dead…due to two resistors on WAN 1. The whole device would not even power on. Thanks to NETGEAR support, we have been able to swap this FGX538 with a newer device….4 WAN ports.

We are now protected by this device on each WAN port: APC Ethernet 10/100/1000 Surge Suppressor

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